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After being closely connected with the Breed for twenty years, Delitiger kennels were born (ENCI & FCI), located in Italy, in the lovely area of Salerno.

It all started with my first chow, a red dog called Branko.

Then the family grew with one more addition, a blue bitch by the famous champion Oes-Ming Chy-Nees. She had also some English blood and then it teased my interest for those lines.

One of the dog I liked the most was the champion Fort Knox Here's the Tiger at Towmena. My kennel name was by the way chosen after him.

This dog can be found in many of my pedigrees as well as Carmalde Can Can Charlie with Dawnanda. You can trace them behind Dawnanda Damion Dusc or Rendel Dhenry.

For a number of years now, my breeding programm is based on the dogs above plus some "dei Leoni Imperiali", which is another famous italian kennel. Several of my chows were born there, like Darwin dei Leoni Imperiali.

So let's hope all that stock will be successful, due to my friends that I would like to thank here : Marion Butterworth (Danwanda), Joan Rennie (Rendel) and Massimiliano Carinelli (dei Leoni Imperiali).

My love for the chows will help me to work hard to improve the Breed.

Head picture reprinted with the kind permission of the author Denis Reverseau
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